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I’m a right-brained creative with a left-brained skillset.

Sometimes people want an easy to work with creative director who can devise forward-thinking solutions as well as she builds cohesive and effective teams to enact them. Sometimes people want a problem solver who asks the right questions to create effective, research-backed strategy. Sometimes people want someone who lives in the middle—someone who can craft effective, needle-moving strategy and conceive of and execute the creative around it. That’s when people tend to call me.

I’m the co-founder of You Plus Me (with my platonic better half, Elisabeth Fraser). We’re a creative collaborations studio that harnesses the power of connection. Since 2009, we’ve worked with brands big and small to distill their essence and bring their stories to life online, in print, and in real life. Clients and collaborators have included Rue Magazine, Kate Spade, West Elm, and Open Sky. Right now, we're working on adding value to the modern workplace

I’ve also moonlighted as your favorite freelancer. I’m usually the person who gets called in to wrangle the ideas and people at the outset of a project, lay down initial strategy and creative direction, and send the ideas out for execution to live in the real world. I’m under NDA for most of it, but what I can tell you is that I’ve been very lucky to do this for redacted red, reda, and redacted .

My work has been featured on, Martha Stewart's blog, Design Crush, and Google Business Stories, and products in my packaging, from potato chips to pantyhose, are carried in major retailers nationwide. 

Though I am firmly rooted on the creative side now, I started my career pursuing a PhD in Education Policy after 2 years as a Teach for America corps member in the South Bronx. I cut my teeth developing communication strategy for a central idea across multiple channels for diverse audiences in front of a room of 6 year olds, who are arguably the world’s most fickle audience. I further honed my ability to craft research-based, future-looking narratives by arguing with academics, who may be six year olds’ fiercest competition for the world’s most fickle audience.

If you would like to see more of my work or chat with me about collaborating, drop me a line—I would love to chat with you. 


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